C3 PLT CPD Instructional Leadership 27-29.01.19

Where: SMK Tungku Ismail, SP

Who: PLT- Mirinda, Zainab, Ismail

Day 1:

– PPD vision for school as a learning organisation

– what is instructional leadership?

– instructional leadership key practices

– learning more about pedagogy & leadership

– from new learning to taking action

– reflecting on personal competency

PPD Langkawi’s vision for supporting schools as learning organisations

Exploring instructional leadership key practice – leading a learning community

An example of how to use The Bridge tool to apply new learning to taking action

Day 2:

what makes a positive learning environment

– Learning Walks – systems & processes

– Classroom observations – expectations

– Growing our teachers through ongoing professional development

– Protecting Instructional time

PPD Langkawi draft Learning Walk guidelines : pre – while – post

Unpacking the 3 aspects of a positive learning environment

Sharing ideas about how Learning Walks can support PILL.S achievement

Explaining some of the challenges PLT face in trying to preserve intructional time – what JPN/ PPD support do schools need to put student learning as their first priority?

Role playing PGB giving feedback to a teacher after a classroom observation

Day 3: PLC

– planning for C3 focus and activities back in PPD with schools as part of PILL.S

PPD Langkawi PLT C3 action plan Feb- April 2019

Explaining action plan to LE coaches

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