Coaching and Mentoring at PPD Langkawi May 2019

Coaching and Mentoring is a core activity for PPD officers at all levels of the organisation.

It is an integral part of PKPPD which focuses on three key aspects of organisational effectiveness:

– Leadership 30%

– Organisation 50%

– School Improvement/ Student Outcomes 20%

There are four PKPPD objectives – three are developmental and one summative.

Here are some examples of coaching and mentoring conducted by PPD Langkawi officers:

Learning how to use PPD Blog 20.05.19

SISC+ coaching their new colleague – what is my role as SISC+? 13.05.19

New SIP+ and PPD officer at a recent DTP-AMAN CPD 28.04.19

KPPD, SIP+ being coached LE coach as part of planning for an upcoming PPD Langkawi bengkel on 29.05.19

SISC+ Review C3 and Plan C4 Actions 15.05.19

As part of the DTP-AMAN cycle of inquiry, SISC+ met to review Cycle 3 Instructional Leadership implementation progress and plan how they will cascade Cycle 4 Policy Implementation.

There is strong collaboration between the SISC+ who are supporting MLT development in DTP- AMAN and TS25. By connecting these two DT programmes, SISC+ are able to make effective use of processes and modules to ensure MLT are well able to support teachers in their schools.

DTP Programme Manager, Timbalan Hj Kamal bin Hashim, joined the discussion to hear some of the successes and challenges the SISC+ encounter as part of their ongoing work with MLT.


20 Mei 2019 Bilik 8.30 – 1.00 pm Bilik Seminar PPDL

Penceramah : En Sukri Isa SISC+ PPDL, En Khairul Anuar Bin Abdullah Sektor Pengurusan Akademik, JPN Kedah

Peserta : Pegawai SIO PPDL, Semua GB SR, SU PBS sekolah



Penilaian Program

Bahan Pembentangan 1

Bahan Pembentangan 2

En Sukri Bin Isa SISC+ sedang menyampaikan taklimat kepada peserta taklimat PBD
Peserta PBD sedang mendengar tajklimat dari En Sukri Bin Isa
Ucapan Pembukaan Taklimat PBD 2019 oleh En Mohd Kamal Bin Hashim Timbalan PPDL
Taklimat Pemantapan PBD disampaikan oleh En Khairul Anuar Bin Abdullah, Sektor Pengurusan Akademik JPN Kedah