‘Towards Excellence’ SLT Bengkel 29.05.19

At the invitation of MGB Langkawi, En Azudin, SIP+ PPD Langkawi and Mr Murthy, LeapEd DTP-AMAN coach facilitated a bengkel for all Langkawi P/GB and PK1 focussing on developing a positive growth mindset.

Mr Murthy shared his wide experience as a highly successful P/GB in Kedah prior to retirement then joining LeapEd as a DTP-AMAN coach.

During the bengkel, SLT explored their understanding of leadership, management and administration and how these different roles impact on their weekly practice.

Mr Murthy outlined 10 criteria in developing a positive growth mindset which contributed to his success. He shared how he used the 10 positive growth criteria to motivate and support his staff, encourage students and involve parents.


SLT engaged in a balloon activity to connect the dots between teamwork, collaboration, shared goal and positive growth mindset.

Crocodile bridge strategy was used to see how SLT could lead dialog prestasi process more effectively using a positive growth mindset. This is an area requiring more professional discussion to actively use the 10 successful criteria as school transformation leaders.

SLT created an action plan to implement in their schools which will form part of the discussion with SIP+ and SIO on their school visits after Hari Raya.

In closing the bengkel, Tn Halid bin Ali, KPPD PPD Langkawi urged SLT to focus on capacity building of their schools to impact student outcomes and to follow up/ follow through (FUFT) as leaders in their schools.

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