The 5G Malaysia International Conference 2020, themed 5G: Progressing Humanity, is the country’s foremost platform to discuss the potential of the technology in improving quality of life and spur innovations. The one-day conference will be held in Langkawi, which is one of the many sites where 5G Demonstration Projects are being conducted nationwide. Conference participants will be able to witness 5G uses cases in the areas of agriculture, digital healthcare, education, entertainment/ media, smart airport, smart transportation, smart city and tourism.

The conference will bring together experts from far and wide, distinguished speakers, and high-powered captains of industry who will exchange knowledge, experience, idea and insight in nurturing and accelerating the adoption of 5G services and applications. Topics will include economic and social perspectives for developing countries transitioning to 5G amidst the current state of 5G deployment globally and what it takes for industry players to transform from being a connectivity provider to an ecosystem enabler.

The conference anticipates participants from government agencies, international regulators, policy makers, researchers, industry players and academicians.

Participants are also invited to a tour of the live sites of the 5G Demonstration Projects on 21 January 2020. The tour is limited to the first 200 pre-registered participants.

For further information, please email cempd@mcmc.gov.my

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