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PLT Team On A CPD Roll…

What a difference having an open mind and a strong desire to learn and improve makes when making big changes to mindsets.

PPD Langkawi PLT team members have increasingly demonstrated their understanding of the DTP- AMAN approach to CPD planning and delivery and are now doing this with minimal support from their LE coach.

What has been very pleasing to see is the collaboration between SISC+ and PPD officers from different Units. Confidence to share knowledge, resources and hold professional discussions are regular features of the CPD planning and delivery process.

Cascading the DTP-AMAN approach is becoming evident at the school level with PLT team members sharing their skills as they interact with SLT and ML. The focus is now on building the capability of SIO to take a similar approach as they connect with the other schools under the care of PPD Langkawi.

Cascading C3 CPD to PLT 10.02.19

After attending C3 PLT CPD about Instructional Leadership, attendees Mirinda, Zainab and Ismail shared the key 2messages with other PLT team members. The focus areas share were:

1. What is instructional leadership?

2. How does PPD Langkawi’s vision link to instructional leadership?

3. Learning Walk systems and Processes

4. PLC systems and processes

5. The Bridge as a tool similar to the Y-chart

NEXT STEPS: Key messages will be shared with SIO on 21.02.19 to enable them to support SLT and ML in their designated schools over the next 7 weeks.