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FROG ASIA VLE Bengkel 20.02.19

I was priviledged to join the Frog Asia VLE 3 day workshop today for ICT teachers at PKG Kuah.

ICT teachers were able to experience hands-on how to develop Project-based Learning (PBL) using VLE with students – all part of PAK 21.

FROG ASIA facilitator Azima explains what each tab on the VLE page is for and ensures the ICT teachers are confident with each step.

C3 Follow Up in Schools – Learning Walks with SLT and ML Feb 2019

PPD Langkawi PLT have visited all DTP-AMAN schools since C3 CPD in January 2019 to follow up with schools.

SLT are being supported by PLT PPD officers while SISC+ are supporting ML. This part of the action plan or PILL.S developed between the school and the PPD officers.

All 28 schools under PPD Langkawi have been assigned a School Improvement Officer (SIO) as part of the 2019 MoE focus on supporting schools through bottom up transformation. Over the next 7 weeks, schools will be supported to establish effective systems, processes and tools for regular, focussed Learning Walks and PLCs.

SLT conduct LW at SK Kilim then sit to discuss findings

ML at SMK Langkawi conducting a Learning Walk following support from their SISC+

SLT and ML at SK Pulau Tuba record their Learning Walk observations before moving to the next class

An example of one school’s Learning Walk recording…SK Bayas

C3 PLT CPD Instructional Leadership 27-29.01.19

Where: SMK Tungku Ismail, SP

Who: PLT- Mirinda, Zainab, Ismail

Day 1:

– PPD vision for school as a learning organisation

– what is instructional leadership?

– instructional leadership key practices

– learning more about pedagogy & leadership

– from new learning to taking action

– reflecting on personal competency

PPD Langkawi’s vision for supporting schools as learning organisations

Exploring instructional leadership key practice – leading a learning community

An example of how to use The Bridge tool to apply new learning to taking action

Day 2:

what makes a positive learning environment

– Learning Walks – systems & processes

– Classroom observations – expectations

– Growing our teachers through ongoing professional development

– Protecting Instructional time

PPD Langkawi draft Learning Walk guidelines : pre – while – post

Unpacking the 3 aspects of a positive learning environment

Sharing ideas about how Learning Walks can support PILL.S achievement

Explaining some of the challenges PLT face in trying to preserve intructional time – what JPN/ PPD support do schools need to put student learning as their first priority?

Role playing PGB giving feedback to a teacher after a classroom observation

Day 3: PLC

– planning for C3 focus and activities back in PPD with schools as part of PILL.S

PPD Langkawi PLT C3 action plan Feb- April 2019

Explaining action plan to LE coaches

Cascading C3 CPD to PLT 10.02.19

After attending C3 PLT CPD about Instructional Leadership, attendees Mirinda, Zainab and Ismail shared the key 2messages with other PLT team members. The focus areas share were:

1. What is instructional leadership?

2. How does PPD Langkawi’s vision link to instructional leadership?

3. Learning Walk systems and Processes

4. PLC systems and processes

5. The Bridge as a tool similar to the Y-chart

NEXT STEPS: Key messages will be shared with SIO on 21.02.19 to enable them to support SLT and ML in their designated schools over the next 7 weeks.