MINGGU 1 (10 – 14 FEB 19)
Perbincangan penetapan CPD (pengagihan tugas) – bengkel pembugaran
MINGGU 2 (17 – 21 FEB 19)
Bengkel SIO
MINGGU 3 (24 – 28 FEB 19)
SIO ke sekolah
PLC – LW (Persekitaran Fizikal)
MINGGU 4 (03 – 07 MAC 19)
Pelaksanaan LW di sekolah
* Fokus – Persekitaran Fizikal
* Maklum balas
* Penambahbaikan
MINGGU 5 (10 – 14 MAC 19)
Pelaksanaan L.O / C.O di sekolah
* Ujian 1 2019
MINGGU 6 (17 – 21 MAC 19)
Cuti Sekolah
MINGGU 7 (24 – 28 MAC 19)
Cuti sekolah
Pelaksanan LW di sekolah
– PLC Coaching
MINGGU 8 (31 MAC – 04 APR 19)
Pelaksanaan L.O / C.O di sekolah

Collaboration between school, SISC+ and SIO

2019 brings fresh opportunities for increasing collaboration between SISC+, SIO (School Improvement Officer) and the eight DTP- AMAN schools.

SISC+ focus is on supporting two DTP-AMAN schools with five ML (Middle Leaders) and five GDB in each school. Each ML will be paired with a GDB and will observe the SISC+ coaching and mentoring their GDB. The ML will continue to support the GDB between SISC+ visits. ML will have a weekly meeting time for PLC, ML CPD, SLT/ ML sharing and planning.

SIO have responsibility for supporting one DTP-AMAN school each and their focus is on improving the SLT ( Senior Leadership Team) capacity to lead school transformation. Building capable leaders of change and leaders of learning requires a positive mindset, commitment to being solutions- focussed, and to regularly reflect on the impact of your actions for teachers and students.

PGB and PK1 sharing Maktab Mahmud’s 2019 Strategic Plan with SIO.