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Cascading C3 CPD to PLT 10.02.19

After attending C3 PLT CPD about Instructional Leadership, attendees Mirinda, Zainab and Ismail shared the key 2messages with other PLT team members. The focus areas share were:

1. What is instructional leadership?

2. How does PPD Langkawi’s vision link to instructional leadership?

3. Learning Walk systems and Processes

4. PLC systems and processes

5. The Bridge as a tool similar to the Y-chart

NEXT STEPS: Key messages will be shared with SIO on 21.02.19 to enable them to support SLT and ML in their designated schools over the next 7 weeks.

Collaboration between school, SISC+ and SIO

2019 brings fresh opportunities for increasing collaboration between SISC+, SIO (School Improvement Officer) and the eight DTP- AMAN schools.

SISC+ focus is on supporting two DTP-AMAN schools with five ML (Middle Leaders) and five GDB in each school. Each ML will be paired with a GDB and will observe the SISC+ coaching and mentoring their GDB. The ML will continue to support the GDB between SISC+ visits. ML will have a weekly meeting time for PLC, ML CPD, SLT/ ML sharing and planning.

SIO have responsibility for supporting one DTP-AMAN school each and their focus is on improving the SLT ( Senior Leadership Team) capacity to lead school transformation. Building capable leaders of change and leaders of learning requires a positive mindset, commitment to being solutions- focussed, and to regularly reflect on the impact of your actions for teachers and students.

PGB and PK1 sharing Maktab Mahmud’s 2019 Strategic Plan with SIO.

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