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Lawatan tuan ppd langkawi ke sekolah – sekolah kepulauan

PULAU TUBA : Tuan PPD Langkawi, En. Azhari bin Abdul Rashid diiringi oleh 4 orang pegawai membuat lawatan ke sekolah – sekolah kepulauan pada 8 Julai 2020 bagi melihat tahap kesediaan sekolah untuk menghadapi sesi pembukaan semula sekolah pada 15 Julai 2020 nanti.

Joint Support Visit to SMK Langkawi and SK Pulau Tuba 24.06.19

SIP+ En. Azudin and SISC+ Miss Mirinda’s joint visit today to the two DTP-AMAN schools on Pulau Tuba focussed on sharing progress at each school during the first half year.

SLT and MLT at each school were updated about the DTP-AMAN PPD- led Transformation(PLT) team from PPD Langkawi before sharing how the school was monitoring 2019 Plan Tactical progress.

Focussing on each school’s Strategic Plan provides a common point for professional dialogue. The role of both SIP+ and SISC+ is to provide support for SLT and MLT to improve their current systems, processes and practices resulting in better student outcomes.

SMK Langkawi collaborate with their DTP-AMAN support team.

Positive interaction between SK Pulau Tuba SLT/MLT and SIP+/SISC+

Different approaches for documenting instructional leadership practices were shared as well as how each school was analysing recent student assessments and planning for next steps. A focus on PBD is currently high priority at both schools with LW and peer coaching followed up by PLC part of the process to support teachers.

Both schools will also be supported to hold dialog prestasi at the school level in July.

While island life might be slower than life in a big city, helping to improve student and school outcomes is still “core business” and #1 priority for the PLT team at PPD Langkawi.


MINGGU 1 (10 – 14 FEB 19)
Perbincangan penetapan CPD (pengagihan tugas) – bengkel pembugaran
MINGGU 2 (17 – 21 FEB 19)
Bengkel SIO
MINGGU 3 (24 – 28 FEB 19)
SIO ke sekolah
PLC – LW (Persekitaran Fizikal)
MINGGU 4 (03 – 07 MAC 19)
Pelaksanaan LW di sekolah
* Fokus – Persekitaran Fizikal
* Maklum balas
* Penambahbaikan
MINGGU 5 (10 – 14 MAC 19)
Pelaksanaan L.O / C.O di sekolah
* Ujian 1 2019
MINGGU 6 (17 – 21 MAC 19)
Cuti Sekolah
MINGGU 7 (24 – 28 MAC 19)
Cuti sekolah
Pelaksanan LW di sekolah
– PLC Coaching
MINGGU 8 (31 MAC – 04 APR 19)
Pelaksanaan L.O / C.O di sekolah

C3 Follow Up in Schools – Learning Walks with SLT and ML Feb 2019

PPD Langkawi PLT have visited all DTP-AMAN schools since C3 CPD in January 2019 to follow up with schools.

SLT are being supported by PLT PPD officers while SISC+ are supporting ML. This part of the action plan or PILL.S developed between the school and the PPD officers.

All 28 schools under PPD Langkawi have been assigned a School Improvement Officer (SIO) as part of the 2019 MoE focus on supporting schools through bottom up transformation. Over the next 7 weeks, schools will be supported to establish effective systems, processes and tools for regular, focussed Learning Walks and PLCs.

SLT conduct LW at SK Kilim then sit to discuss findings

ML at SMK Langkawi conducting a Learning Walk following support from their SISC+

SLT and ML at SK Pulau Tuba record their Learning Walk observations before moving to the next class

An example of one school’s Learning Walk recording…SK Bayas